Homeless Sydney man reunited with pet rat

This wonderful news comes to us from Sydney, Australia.

It was one of the most shocking and spectacular suspected crimes of the week, the story of a homeless man, his pet rodent and an alleged rat thief came to a happy conclusion.

Looking at the facts, the rodent, named Lucy had not been stolen at all, the woman had been blasted on social media as a heartless thief, but she had believed that the pet had been abandoned and that is why she took it home to care for it before returning it to the homeless man later on.

The homeless man Chris, 59 and his pet Lucy the rat are well known Sydney residents and when cops put out a bulletin to appeal to citizens to locate the woman who took Lucy, Chris received an outpouring of support from netizens and denizens of Sydney.

Chris had left Lucy to go to the bathroom and when he returned, Lucy was gone. After police appealed for information and also posted pictures of the woman they suspected of taking Lucy, things changed rapidly.

Chris was reunited with Lucy and NSW police posted an emotional picture of the reunion.

Image source: News

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