Climate change sends student on 700 km cross country protest trip

This wonderful news comes to us from Melbourne, Australia.

A University student is going to walk for hundreds of kilometers from Melbourne to Canberra to ask for more positive action from Australian leaders on the burning issue of climate change.

Shannon Loughnane left his home in Coburg and he plans to trek along highways, country roads and mountainous terrain in order to deliver his message in Canberra. He believes that world leaders are not doing much on the issue of climate change and that his 700 km trek would form a part of a wider wave of protests to enforcing change.

Four months ago, Shannon made a New Year’s resolution to read more about climate change, being concerned about the issue despite not knowing more about it. As he read more and more, and also followed the protest of other activists, a sense of urgency set in.

He says” This protest for me is about making a very direct plea to governments, and showing up and refusing to be ignored.” As he hikes his way through the country, he will stop at towns to talk about climate change and get signatures from locals who might be passionate about the cause.

Shannon’s petition will ask for leaders to declare a climate emergency, aggressively lift the reductions on emissions, push for renewable energy, a ban on the proposed Carmichael coal mine and the ratification of climate policy into legislation.

Shannon sees himself as a part of the growing tribe of young Australians who are actively trying to campaign for climate control. Climate change is going to be a key issue for the May federal election. Shannon believes that protests and debates will make an impact.

He says,” The student strikes for climate are amazing, those young people stepping up and demanding change, it is really enlightening, and it’s drawing attention to the fact that these young people are going to be affected the most by climate change.”

Image Source: The New Daily

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