Beggar does street painting using green leaves and organic color

This wonderful bit of good news comes to us from Kerala, India.

At first glance, he looks just like any other beggar roaming the streets in search of a handout. But then your attention goes to what he is doing. He is not asking for alms, rather he is engaged in painting a wall in the most unconventional method possible.

As a crowd slowly forms in front of the wall that he is painting, people start taking out their smartphones to record the frenzied activity they are witnessing. The unknown beggar looks like he is painting as if his life depended on it. He is using green leaves, mud and organic color to paint, a most unconventional painting medium but one that produces amazing results if done correctly.

YouTube link:

This beggar looks like he is a past master in the art of painting. Every dab of color is delivered with a strong emphasis on effects, and the way he bunches leaves and scrapes them on the wall to produce greenery makes one suspicious if he is in fact not an accomplished painter in disguise. But that doubt is put to rest in a few moments.

As the beggar finishes the painting on the wall, the gathered crowd breaks into spontaneous applause. The beggar seems a bit overwhelmed. He puts his palms together in the traditional Namaste, and people fall over themselves in the act of putting money into his hands. The sense of occasion rests heavily on the beggar’s shoulders.

We only hope that such talent as this is recognized and given the true worth that it deserves.

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