Boy tries to save chicken, receives compassionate award

This wonderful news comes to us from Mizoram, India.

6-year-old Derek C Lalchhanhima is a boy with a difference. A few days ago the little guy was riding his bicycle when he accidentally ran over his neighbor’s chicken. Derek was distraught at this accident. He immediately took the chicken and ran to a nearby hospital with all the money he had, which was 10 rupees.

As Derek begged the nurse at the hospital to do something to help the chicken, the nurse found this gesture adorable and snapped a picture of Derek with the chicken in one hand and money in the other. Sadly the chicken could not make it but the image of Derek went viral within a matter of hours.

An artist from Kerala took to painting a portrait of Derek standing on the globe with the chicken in one hand and money in the other. The portrait was shared on Facebook with the caption “You are great, Derek.” The image of Derek touched a chord with thousands of people and Derek turned into an internet sensation overnight.

The young boy was felicitated by his school for his act of kindness and more importantly, Derek has also received the award of ‘Compassionate Kid’ by PETA India. The ‘Compassionate Citizen’ program by PETA is specially designed to assist students between the ages of 8 to 12 years.

Derek’s act of kindness sets him apart from other kids of his age, and it can be said that the little guy has built a firm foundation from which to perform more kindly acts in the future.

Image Source: India Today

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