Saying goodbye to corporate job to become an award winning puppeteer

This wonderful news comes to us from, Chandigarh, India

Subhasis Neogi is a man with a difference. He was working in a well- paying corporate job till 2005 when he quit it to open PNA – The Puppet Theatre in Chandigarh. He is known for his giant puppets, props and stagecraft and his earlier works include,

  • The mascot for the People’s Climate Mach, an international event held in Delhi in 2014.
  • The mascot for the Bekauf Azadi Rally in 2017 to highlight the need for security for women in cities.
  • A larger than life crab for cancer awareness in association with the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh in 2017.
  • A flying metal bird, made with a push cart to go with a Ruskin Bond play. It was presented by children at Mind Tree School.

Subhasis Neogi’s puppets have graced the stage at many international festivals and in 2016 he was conferred with the prestigious Nek Chand Excellence Award. It is an annual award which aims to recognize people who have created works of art from waste materials. Subhasis was chosen for his work in creating giant puppets from waste paper, cane baskets, pushcarts and other discarded materials. “We love to work with junk and paper. We have no choice. Stagecraft can cost Rs 500 or Rs 5000.”, says Subhasis.

This Chandigarh based animator has seen many ups and downs in life. He has presented Putali Rani Badi Sayani a puppet show produced and presented for the young viewers of Doordarshan in 2008. Along with PGIMER, Subhasis has participated in a lot of awareness campaigns for blood donation, Thallasemia and cancer. At the helm of the puppet play Poly Bag Bhagao, he urged people to avoid using poly bags in the cities of Delhi, Bhopal and Chandigarh. The show was a resounding success and was staged over 25 times in total!

In association with T S Central State Library, Chandigarh, Subhasis has conducted outreach programs for minors undergoing trials in juvenile homes. Based on this partnership he also holds workshops on creating educational toys for children.

One of Subhasis’s hard hitting shadow puppet plays, Udaan, received critical praise for highlighting atrocities on women, women’s rights and women empowerment. When he is not making big puppets, he is busy with outreach programs for students of government schools and rural children. High on the success of his shows, Subhasis is a man to watch out for as he goes from strength to strength.

Image source: The Better India

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