Australia Slashes Plastic Bag Use By 80%

This wonderful news comes to us from Australia.

Recently, two of Australia’s biggest supermarket chains announced that they would stop giving customers single use plastic bags. This announcement has resulted in a huge drop in plastic bag consumption across the nation. Experts gauge that plastic bag usage has dropped by 80% thanks to the initiative by the supermarket chains.

The plastic bag ban was introduced at both Coles and Woolworths, and has prevented over 1.5 billion bags from polluting the environment. This initiative has also allowed smaller businesses and retailers to introduce plastic bans of their own; some businesses have reported that the use of plastic bags has dipped to as much as 90%, which is a very encouraging sign.

If Australia can keep this up, it might become the first country in the world to totally do away with plastic bags and be a trendsetter for other countries to follow suit.

Image source: Reusethisbag

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