Couple Rescued After Being Stranded In National Park

Inspiring Couple

This inspiring news comes from Western Australia.

A young couple who had gone on a fishing trip to the Keep River National Park in the Northern territory, close to the border with Western Australia found their utility vehicle stranded and bogged down.

Shantelle Johnson and her beau Colen Nulgit tried providing their vehicle with traction, they attempted to dig out the wheels of their car and also tried to put things under the tires in a bid to get the car to budge, but all of it came to no avail. They got scared and worried, and their biggest fear was attracting saltwater crocodiles for which the Park is famous.

Racking their brains to come up with a plausible help attempt, the couple lit spot fires and scratched out a big “Help” into the mud which would be visible from the air to any search and rescue teams that came looking for them.

The couple spent the night in their bogged down car but got little sleep, having earlier spotted saltwater crocodile tracks. They were worried that the tide would bring the creatures nearer to the vehicle. So they grabbed everything they could lay their hands upon and moved them 20-30 meters away from the car.

One smart thing that the couple had done was to tell their families that they were going on the trip and when to expect them back. So after they did not show up post their trip, search teams were pressed into action to find and spot them. By the time search teams noticed the spot fires and the big “help” scratched into the mud, 26 hours had passed. The couple was getting desperate by this time as they had little food left but plenty of water.

Colen tried to calm Shantelle down saying that help was at hand, and it soon arrived in the form of search and rescue teams which zeroed in on the spot fires and the help sign. The couple was overwhelmed at the prompt rescue and got a bit emotional. Needless to say, they were quite happy to have been bailed out.

The Kununurra police praised the couple for letting family know where they would be going, because it could have been quite a different story if they had not. Colen Nulget has pledged to invest in car recovery equipment for their next fishing trip.

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