Summer Warrior – Quenching the Thirst of Fellow City Dwellers

This great story comes to us from Hyderabad, India.

During the peak summertime, temperatures in Hyderabad soar to 40 degrees Celsius. The first thing to do in order to beat the heat is to keep yourself hydrated so that your body functions at peak capacity. Rising temperatures and humidity will rob the body of electrolytes and energy, resulting in sunstrokes.

In a situation like this, for many thirsty Hyderabadis, the savior is someone like 45 year old auto driver Shaik Salim. He is kind enough to supply free chilled water to anyone who cares to ask for it. Shaik Salim travels across Hyderabad on his daily mission of ferrying passengers with a water cooler attached to his auto and two cans of water with a capacity of 20 liters each. He has been doing this since the summer of 2017.

On hot and humid days, even three cans of water are not enough.

Salim starts his day at 9 in the morning, and being a husband and father of 4 children, he works all day ferrying passengers to and fro across the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. As he says, a person needs to drink a lot of water to survive in the hot summer heat, and in his experience, whenever he stopped for a drink of water, all he would get would be hot water which is tough to drink in the given circumstances.

It was in such a situation that Salim thought of all the other people who would struggle to grab a drink of cool water in the sweltering heat and this made him think of his non-profit venture. Salim has been driving his auto for the last 20 years and nowadays he gives free, cold water to thirsty passengers, bystanders, low wage workers and also the policemen who stand in the hot sun, doing their duty.

In the beginning and even now, many people would ask Salim how much they needed to pay him for a sip of cool water, but to their surprise they find that it is all for free. Salim gets profuse thanks for his Good Samaritan act and believes that his gesture of compassion and kindness will come back to benefit him in the long run.

Quenching the Thirst of Fellow City Dwellers

His greatest validation comes from daily wage workers who shower him with praise as they toil away in the heat of the sun in inhuman conditions. For them, Salim is an angel in disguise and he feels happy to have helped. With more people like him, the summers would indeed be a lot sunnier.

Image Credit: The Better India

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