Good Samaritans Exist; 2 Children Reunited With Their Mother

This wonderful news comes from New Delhi, India.

The Ashok Nagar Market area was recently the site for high drama as two children, 2.5 years old and 4.5 years old, got separated from their mother. Pradeep Nagarkoti was travelling on his two wheeler when he saw a woman, the wife of a tractor driver wailing inconsolably. She had a 6 year old daughter beside her and a baby in her arms.

Most passing people did not pay the woman much attention, thinking her to be just another beggar in the city. But Pradeep stopped his vehicle and got to know of the woman’s plight following which he started in earnest to search for the missing boys. Delhi is a gargantuan place and it is easy to get lost here.

Pradeep did a clever thing by asking the mother the description of her two children. She provided him with it and based on that, Pradeep started to ride the nearby streets and localities in a bid to find the missing children. He struck it lucky when he spotted the lone and scared boys about 2.5 km from the place where they had gone missing. He managed to reunite the boys with their mother, and prove himself to be a Good Samaritan in another person’s hour of need.

Image Credit: Times Of India

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