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34 months ago
Inge Dowden added a new wall post in the group, Gratitude
I'm very grateful that I'm healthly, that I have a wonderful husband who loves me very much (and whom I love very much), that all our parents are stil
Sep 22
Inge Dowden uploaded a new avatar Sep 22
43 months ago
Pam Rennie added a new wall post in the group, Fun and Happiness
http://youtu.be/J4WEkEAV1os Greetings! I am new to the site and so happy to be a part of "wonderful news" Take a look at this video, full of beautif
Jan 17
Pam Rennie uploaded a new avatar Jan 17
Mary White added a new wall post in the group, Achievement
Entered a competition to secure funding for a global opportunity- psyched myself up using the Secret ' and guess what? I'm through to the next round.
Jan 11
Mary White Just received your e mail on positive attitude Anthony. It came at just the right time- but here we go again- nothing happens by chance does it? Iam presenting my business idea tomorrow in the hope of securing funding and wondered if I was doing the right thing as 'I probably won't stand a chance' . And then along came Anthony's email reminding me yet again that what I think and feel is what Jan 10
44 months ago
Lilly Stevens added a new wall post in the group, Relationships
I have to share this personal story with you that recently took place. This particular day I was mentally and emotionally tired from several circums
Dec 18
Lilly Stevens Hello! Thank you for creating this website where we can share the wonderful things that are happening in our life. This is especially meaningful since we are experiencing challenging times in many places in our world not to mention that the large majority of our news is about the worst events. My recent wonderful news is that despite a down economy and the decreased business in my field, the owne Dec 18
Dudley Hambleton added a new wall post in the group, Inspiration
Who out there wants to be inspired and discover the true meaning of their existence? On Wed 15th December I am taking the seminar slot at Sean`s Busin
Dec 01
Dudley Hambleton added a new wall post in the group, Health
As some of you already know, I had a spiritual " awakening " some two years ago and amongst other aspects of our spiritual origins, I am now regula
Nov 22
45 months ago
Dudley Hambleton uploaded a new avatar Nov 19
Gerry Bolt added a new wall post in the group, Fun and Happiness
Great work Lorraine, you will be a hit on the cat walk, but can you cope with the fame?
Nov 16
Lorraine Fernandes added a new wall post in the group, Fun and Happiness
Happy to have Angelo Brunel Fernandes baptised now and excited to see that he is trying to take his first steps. Napoleon has been giving him lots of
Nov 15